Narclouda - Day-Blind Stars 2018
Tracy (03:11) | Howl (03:33) Crisis (04:33) | Charmed (02:36) | Spiraling Mandy (03:13) | Colour Wheel (03:36) | Kettle Mettle (03:13) | Day-Blind Stars (05:13) | Stream of Subconsciousness (04:19)
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| Listening to them will remind fans of the band The Cure, of which there are two types: the “Friday I’m In Love” fans and fans who love Pornography’s intense dark wave appeal. What we’re trying to say is this three-piece band has some serious range without comprmising their distinctive sound. This is what they explored in their debut album Day Blind Stars.
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| The way it is written and recorded (…) sounds like something that would have reeled off 4AD Records’ catalog of which the Cocteau Twins – still with traces of the Banshees.
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| The album is an attractive, ambitious alloy of dream pop, shoegaze, and goth. The music immediately invokes a sense of gravity and mystery and invites deep absorption. Lead vocal lines hypnotize, caressing like silk scarves passing aloft on a breeze. The first outside reference point that comes to mind for Narcloudia is Cocteau Twins, both the early, more gothic sound captured on Garlands and later achievements as well. Those who know and love Cranes and Bristol, England’s Dreamscape will also find much to celebrate here.
Its artistry and distinction qualify Day-Blind Stars as a significant release in the shoegaze and dream pop field.

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| (translated from German) With their unusual genremix of psychedelic dream pop, darkwave, and post-punk, I felt right in the mood in their new album ‘Day-Blind Stars’. A mood that fits little to a grey Sunday morning. Not really sad, but also far from being cheerful. One is the interiority where you listen to your own subconscious… Musically exciting and content interesting. Link to FB Page


| Echoing the hypnotic vocal cues and dreamlike soundscapes of Sugar Hiccup and Siouxsie and the Banshees, Narcloudia have pretty much inherited those influences from the get-go and made their latest oeuvre, “Day Blind Stars”, with so much more grim imagery, maturity, and ambition than their previous projects.
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| While referencing the black and white sides of the light spectrum, the trio plots out three-minute songs without essentially repeating themselves. Their core may be the shoegaze of UK pioneers My Bloody Valentine and Ride, but the injection of varying elements and textures works to make each track sufficiently different from one another. (…) The gentle haunting vocals add a second sepia-toned dimension to most of the tracks, instilling a narcotic feel that washes over you. Narcloudia’s music is soothing and creepy within the same span. You can’t get any more beautifully eccentric than that. Link to Full Article


| Day-Blind Stars” plunges into the unknown with songs that are built for introspection. Stripped out of its restrictions, it’s a sonically rich record whose melodies evoke melancholic lullabies and sleepless nights, and whose words carry a brooding quality that touches upon haze and blur. Link to Full Article

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We write songs of triumphs and despairs, of fiction and not, of dreams made of quarter moons and Sandman’s dust.

Narcloudia is an indie dreampop trio formed in 2012, with the current line-up consisting of Beatrix Alcala (vocals/guitars/synth), Karla Pundaodaya (drums/vocals), and Domini Robledo (bass). Their music is described to have dreamlike, goth, and shoegaze trappings infused with melodic bass lines and trippy beats. Full bio HERE.