We write songs of triumphs and despairs, of fiction and not, of dreams made of quarter moons and Sandman’s dust.

Narcloudia is an indie dreampop trio conceived in 2012 by Beatriz Alcala (vocals, guitars, synth), Karla Pundaodaya (drums, vocals) and Vhop Pascua (bass). Our songs loom with dreamy soundscapes brooding over melancholia, madness and child’s play. Full bio HERE.

Sky Spectre (©2014)

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“With a name like Narcloudia, I wouldn’t discard any reference to hallucinogenic drugs from this Singapore trio. This not your typical dreampop music. “The Show” shows a surrealistic cabaret song that would feel at home on a David Lynch movie. There’s definitely some jazz influences, odd tempos that will put some dark colors to this most colorful dreampop list.”  – Oblique Musique

“It would be easy to say or even use as a bad pun, that Narcloudia’s dream pop-laced Goth — circa Siouxsie and the Banshees’ “A Kiss in the Dreamhouse” — leaves you on Cloud Nine. (…) Their music takes you a trip down the rabbit hole of a bizarre wonderland that sounds like something out of Tim Burton’s worst nightmare.”  –ABS-CBN News